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How to Reactivate a Completed Enrollment

Please click on the document to view these same instructions, with screen shots. 

1. From the Admin App, click on the Menu button at the top-left corner.
2. Click on Users.
3. Search for the affected student then click on their User ID. This will bring up a list of all course enrollments for the student.
4. Click on the Enrollments tab then click on the Enrollment ID of the course/enrollment affected.
5. Click on the Menu 2 Icon then select Go to grades.
Administrator Handbook
6. Scroll down the gradebook until you see the Participation activity. Click on the Participation score.
Administrator Handbook
7. Click CLEAR to clear the score, then click OVERRIDE COMPLETE.
8. Next, click on the Paper icon that appears under the Status of the Participation assignment.
Administrator Handbook
9. Click on UN-COMPLETE.
10. Repeat steps 7-9 for all over activities in the gradebook that were assigned a 0 score because of the auto-completion process.
11. Once the score(s) have been cleared, click on the Menu button (top-left corner) then click on the course name.
Administrator Handbook
12. Click EDIT.
13. Change the status to Active and extend the end date (if needed). Save.